Increase Home Value Through Home Improvement

Increase Home Value Through Home Improvement

Home Improvement: How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Whether you are renovating for yourself, or to sell your home in the near future, the right home improvement projects will get you a greater home value. Some of the costly upgrades may seem worthwhile, but will be of little additional value to the home. In this article, we will provide you with tips on how you can sell your home for much more than you originally expected, all the while adding more functionality and comfort to your home at the same time.

Remodel your kitchen

Many people choose a kitchen remodel as their first project because they look at this area as the hub of activity in their household. As a matter of fact, when you go to the time and expense to remodel your kitchen, you will normally gain back 60% to 80% of your investment — sometimes more! By making great, intelligent decisions, you can receive an immediate profit, while saving plenty of money on your energy bills.

When you are planning your kitchen refurbishment you will want to take into account the style of the rest of the home in the new kitchen design. For instance, you home might have a classic design; a modern kitchen modification would be a complementing upgrade. One place to start is by installing built-in appliances in your kitchen. You could also consult with an interior designer, as they are sure to have a number of ideas for you to consider.

An additional bathroom

Adding a second bathroom is another effective way to add value to a home. You could get up to 100% of your investment costs back.

The first step is to find unused space in your house that could be turned into a bathroom. Consider using bedrooms that are not used very often. This could work very well home but a better idea might be to use space underneath your stairs. You need 18 square feet for a bathtub, as a minimum, but the more space you have the better. You need to look carefully to make sure the space you want to use is going to give you the bathroom that you want.

Can You Reinvent a Room?

Is there a room in your house that really is not being used well? Do you feel like it is a total waste of space that would be better used as something else? Some people add an extra room if there is more space for such an addition. This can be a hostile project, and recouping your investment may not be possible depending upon what you decide to do. Not to mention, in any kind of room addition project, there is a high risk of other structural problems developing, and it may result in an even high cost.

It is, therefore, recommended to remodel an existing room. You will add wonderful value, without having to spend an arm and a leg. For instance, an old basement can easily become a new bedroom. A garage filled with junk can become an apartment that you rent out to a tenant. This is the right way to add real value to your house.

Before starting to make a lot of changes you’ll want to think through what you can do to make potential buyers more likely to work with you. If your changes suit all different types of people, then you will see the biggest increase in your home’s value.


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